Our SIMS classes have incorporated a variety of martial arts styles to create a well balanced self defense program.  Both our Youth classes are designed to ensure students are exposed to as many arts as possible in one setting. 

See below for more information and check out our schedule for details on times and days available.

YOUTH SIMS (Tiny Tigers & Lil Ninjas)

The Tiny Tigers (ages 4-7) and the Lil Ninjas (ages 8-10) programs offer your children a strong foundation for character development and the improvement of children’s motor skills; while at the same time, learning the basic skill sets necessary for progression in martial arts and building self-confidence.  This program was developed to introduce the early stages of childhood to martial arts through balance and coordination techniques and exercises.  Throughout the program and the child’s development, the gradual incorporation into Jiu Jitsu through the fundamental of self defense will aid in the transition to the Jr Grappler Jiu Jitsu classes.