Our Taekwon-Do program differs from many other traditional arts found out there today.  We have incorporated a variety of martial arts styles into both our Little Lions TKD (ages 4-8yrs) and SIMS TKD (ages 9yrs+) to ensure students are well rounded in any self defense situation. 

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The Little Lions Taekwon-Do (ages 4 – 8) program offers your children a strong foundation for character development and the improvement of children’s motor skills; while at the same time, learning the basic skill sets necessary for progression in Taekwon-Do and building self-confidence.  This program was developed to introduce the early stages of childhood to martial arts through balance and coordination games and exercises.  Throughout the program and the child’s development, the integration of martial arts techniques will be incorporated into their sessions to aid in the transition to the S.I.M.S. Taekwon-Do program.



The S.I.M.S. Taekwon-Do (ages 9 & up) program is for families wanting to participate in a martial art together and learn the traditional art of TKD. This class will help those kids transitioning out of our Little Lions TKD program and give them the opportunity to continue to earn rank in the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF); while at the same time learn how to defend themselves utilizing effective techniques from the most popular martial art today.  To ensure students get the most out of classes, we've incorporated aspects from multiple martial arts and allows them to expand their skills from a traditional TKD program.  Such as JKD Concepts, Kickboxing, Boxing, Kali, BJJ, and much more!

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